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NFTISI at Podkrepa CL, Bulgaria

The National Federation Technical Industry, Science, Informatics, as a co-founder and full collective member of PODKREPA Confederation of Labour, is an independent, National Representative Trade Union organisation according to Bulgarian Labour Law.

The word 'science' in Bulgarian is 'nauka' (наука) and this hence the difference in the abbreviation 'NFTINI' (in Bulgarian) or 'NFTISI' (in English). Bulgarian word 'podkrepa' (подкрепа) means 'support', 'to help you'. That reveals our syndical mission to help working people, supporting their economical interests and labour rights protection.

NFTISI operates in the economic sector of Electronics and Electrotechnics, Automotive Electronization, Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Innovations, Information Services, Hardware and Software Development, Assembling and Maintenance.

Our collective membering structures are organized it 5 Branche Syndicates including according to the Statistical Classification of the European Community (NACE Rev.2) these economic activities:

26.00. Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products;
27.00. Manufacture of electrical equipment;
29.31. Manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment for motor vehicles;
62.00. Computer programming, consultancy and related activities;
63.11. Data processing, hosting and related activities;
63.12. Web portals;
72.00. Scientific research and development;
72.01. Research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering.

We NFTISI have the goal to organize working people, based on the Principle of Solidarity, defending their labour rights and economic interests. We achieve this through information systematizing and problems solving, negotiation, litigation, strikes. We support massive legal, economic and technical expertise, and implement innovative syndical tools and infrastructure for direct interventions on terrain.

Our specific tool of cooperation is the NFTISI Standard for Bilateral Relations with Employers aimed to improve enterprise efficiency taking into account the viewpoint of working people for better production organization, propper employees motivation and decent work conditions. As a special service to Employers we provide real-time electronic verification according to the Standard for enterprises where we have Trade Union organisations. If you need English translation or additional assistance please contact us.

Chairman of NFTISI is Mr. Alexander Tzapov.

Get in touch with us via phone, e-mail, and / or in our office in the Central Building of Podkrepa CL in the city of Sofia (Bulgaria).

Podkrepa CL – NFTISI
2nd Angel Kunchev Str., office 301
Bulgaria 1000 Sofia

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