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Becoming a member is easythe benefits are numerous. Just fill in our e-Membership Application and click/tap [Enter]! We will contact you as soon as possible and the entire procedure will proceed with careful follow-up of our Privacy Policies.

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If you do not wish to register electronically, but in your enterprise acts Union's Organisation of Podkrepa CL, you can search for its Chairman or Secretary and hand over your Membership Application on paper.

If there is no Union's Organisation in your enterprise (or you can't find its Management) but you still prefer things to happen outside the Internet, you can take a pictures (for example with your phone) of the completed paper Membership Application and send us the photo in the most convenient way for you.

What do you get?

As a Trade Union Member who pays regularly the member fee (in most cases up to 1% of the salary), you will benefit from all of our rights and privileges and will be included in the syndical life of the organization.

First of all, you get a community of like-minded people who, like you, work and therefore share common interests. The goal of our Trade Union community is to seek solutions and to concentrate strength, resources and the will to succeed. Thanks to the community, each of us gets access to information and services, which in most cases is difficult to secure on our own.

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